Mended Little Hearts of Delaware Valley


CHD Info & Support


Learn more about your child's condition and connect with other families who have children with CHD.

Parenting Challenges


Parenting a child with CHD can be tough and rewarding at the same time. Learn about strategies that work from experts and parents who have been there. 

Developmental Delays


Children with CHD often have special needs and developmental delays. Find out about help that is available, what works, and what you can do. 

Financial Assistance


Find out about programs that can help with the cost of medical care, child care, food, housing, utilities and more. 

Transitioning into Adult Care


Transitioning your child into adult care can be stressful. Learn about what you can do to prepare your CHD child for the future and where to get help. 

Coping with Loss


You are not alone. There are resources and caring people who can help.