Mended Little Hearts of Delaware Valley

Raising a Child with CHD

Finding out your baby will be born with a CHD can be one of the most difficult things a parent will ever have to deal with. Some parents don't find out their baby has CHD until it is born. Raising a child with a life-threatening medical condition that will never go away can be stressful on the whole family.   

Some of the Challenges You May Encounter

  • long and unexpected hospital stays
  • on-going medical care all through the child's life
  • some babies who have open heart surgery need feeding tubes 
  • some children with CHD who have trouble gaining weight need special diets
  • keeping your child away from others who are sick
  • developmental delays
  • physical limitations 
  • cost of medical care, medications and missing work for doctor visits and hospital stays
  • your child's fear and about his/her health
  • fear and anxiety from your other children about your CHD child's health
  • making sure teachers and other caregivers know about your concerns and your child's limitations

mlhd can help

We understand the challenges of raising a child with CHD because we face those challenges too. Become a member, come to one of our meetings/events, check out the MLH private facebook page. Connect with other parents like you.  Learn more about CHD by checking out some of our services and resources. 

You don't have face the challenges of raising a child with CHD alone. 

We are here to help.